The benefits of having great people around you

Sep 7, 2021


You know I love to share how important it is to have meaningful mentors in our lives – from colleagues, to friends and family, I really believe we can learn so much from the people we spend the most time with. We all know how important it is that we surround ourselves with amazing people – but what are the actual benefits?

In case you needed that extra motivation to curate the best possible circle, here are 3 good things that happen when you spend time with great people!

Provide a listening ear

When the people in your life are open and supportive, it creates space for you to voice your opinions, fears and gives you a space to grow! Not just career wise, but on a personal level too.

Inspire you through their achievements

Isn’t it wonderful when the people around you are swimming in their successes?! When you use this as inspiration, rather than a ‘why not me’, it can help spur you on too.

Help connect you to the next person

Your circle can be the key to you making new contacts – you know they say the 6 degrees of separation is now more likely to be only 3 degrees because we’re more connected than ever?! So having a few good people close by can open you up to so many more.


How do you feel about the people that you spend your time with? Remember, you will not find all the great qualities in one person, but in a mixture of the people you’re around. What other benefits would you add to those I’ve shared?

Here’s to having the best people by your side! I can’t wait to support you

Jessica x

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